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About Signulu

Signulu – An eSignature Platform for Everyone

Signulu, an efficient and ambitious electronic signature platform, was started with the vision of transforming the work environment into a more eco-friendly, secure, paperless environment. The team is spearheaded by industry professionals with a unique combination of process and technological proficiency.

Signulu is all about boosting your contract management workflow, efficiency, and alleviating some of your manual day-to-day tasks. Not only will it save you time and money but is also a great way to help become more eco-friendly by saving countless trees from being unnecessarily reduced to paper.

What Makes Us Different?

As a cloud-based eSignature solutions provider, we offer document draft creation, library search capabilities, email notifications, signature customization and management and cloud storage integration. Best of all, it is extremely cost-effective. Signulu offers the industry’s most affordable cloud-based platform by leveraging a low subscription-based pricing for individuals or enterprises.

We deliver cutting edge solutions and technologies at affordable rates to ALL of our customers. Our best in class surety guarantees that the entire process is tamper-proof and gives you the full authority in every step of the process, providing constant updates on the status of the document(s) and full visibility into any changes.

Why should you use Signulu eSignature service?

In 2020, eSignature is becoming a standard protocol as businesses process thousands of electronic transactions each day as face-to-face meetings become less and less possible or necessary.

So, in this day and age, how is Signlu going to help you? What are the benefits?

  • Going PAPERLESS- How many reams of paper does your organization go through in a month? In a year? I bet it’s much more than you would like, both from a cost perspective and from an environmental one. According to the Sierra Club, the United States produces over 20 million TONS of paperwork each year. Yet, only a bit more than half of that is ever recycled. By utilizing a completely digital platform for document management, like Signulu, you can significantly reduce overhead costs and save a few trees while you are at it, as well.
  • Cloud Storage- Our cloud storage integration makes it feasible for us to scale support from individuals up to large enterprises. You can import documents from Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, DropBox, for example, and archive them as templates within Signulu.
  • Technological Courtesy- Digitally distributing and signing the documents that make the business world go ‘round is the new expectation. Time is money, right? Show your customers and business partners alike, that you appreciate their time by using an eSignature service like Signulu. We all have better ways to use our time than printing, signing, scanning and re-emailing (or, even worse, snail mailing) large documents. With Signulu, turn those hours or days for this process into minutes.
  • Legally binding- Signulu is compliant with all major eSignature laws including ESIGN, ITA-2000.
  • Data Security- We are using AWS for encryption that offers privacy and protection of all user’s data. Signulu guarantees other several security features – such as tamper-proof audit trail, data encryption, and signer authentication. It is compliant with industry standards for protection, continuity, availability, and system confidentiality.
  • Many ways to sign – Self-signing with the option to type, draw, or upload a signature.
  • Audit-trail – Each signed document has a comprehensive log of each signer’s name, email & IP address.
  • Reusable templates – Create and store commonly used documents as templates for repeated use.
  • Get notified – Receive email notifications when the signers in the workflow complete the document.
  • Affordability- It is our goal to create next-level reliability, consistency, scalability, and performance at extremely affordable rates for organizations of ALL sizes.

If you feel your business would benefit from a digital signature and document management solution, click here to contact us for a demo or register here for a free 14 day trial!

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