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Making the Educators’ Workflow Safer & More Efficient

As educational institutions gear up to open this summer and into the next academic year

As educational institutions gear up to open this summer and into the next academic year, school officials at all levels need to ensure that all students from kindergarten to those in a university setting stay safe.

One of the many ways to better ensure the safety of our children, teachers and administrators is to reduce unnecessary in-person interactions. One of the most common instances is the fundamental act of signing and exchanging physical documents. We typically view this act as harmless. Yet, transmission of physical paper documents represents an unnecessary risk of transmitting and spreading the COVID-19 virus. Or, any other virus or bacteria, for that matter.

According to the December 2018 census data, over 76 million citizens (nearly 25% of our nation) attend a K-12 school or university. This figure does not even include the millions of teachers and administrators who are employed at these institutions. The amount of paperwork necessary to manage the daily lives of nearly a third of our nation’s population (employees plus students) is almost unfathomable. However, there is a solution to address this need.

What’s Next for Students & Educators?

When our schools reopen, it is inevitable that there will be an unprecedented amount of documentation proportionate to these unprecedented times. And, whether your school is opening fully or partially, going contactless when it comes to securing signatures for all this required paperwork is 100% possible.
To make the transformation more comfortable and solve these transactional challenges, Signulu has created a platform where:

  • Parents and students can review and sign anything from financing forms to meal plan choices to grade school report cards from the comfort and safety of their own homes.
  • Faculty and staff can utilize the eSignature platform to distribute and receive authorizations for anything from course requirements and medical forms to employment contracts and benefits declarations.
  • Monotonous events such as processing staff requests or signing time sheets for substitute teachers can be eliminated and reduce foot traffic through the school.
  • Further, no matter what is being managed through Signulu, it will all be securely stored in an AWS cloud environment.

Signulu is Budget-Friendly

With Signulu’s eSignature solution, it is surprisingly simple to largely eradicate the use of traditional wet signatures on documents and embrace a better and more efficient paperless reality. And, not only does Signulu provide a way to create a healthier environment but it also helps reduce administrative costs at a time when school budgets will be stressed more than ever. How so?

  • Reduce overhead costs by exponentially reducing the use of printers, ink & paper.
  • Less consumption of valuable time to collate, copy, scan & mail documents.
  • Ability to digitally track those who have and have not signed vital documents.
  • Utilization of automated email notifications to remind signers they have overdue documents.

Moreover, Signulu is simple to use and inexpensive to obtain. Since it is SaaS (Software as a Service) based, there is nothing to download, install or upgrade. Just sign in, upload your documents and you are ready to go! Need enterprise level single sign-on capabilities? We can address those needs with the use of Open API’s.

With Signulu, your institution will save money, reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 (or any other infectious disease), and become more environmentally friendly by reducing the use of paper and plastics (toner cartridges) inherent in the creation of document hard copies.

Now all you need is one digital template that can be sent and signed as many times as necessary without ever going to the copier or scanner. Point, click and save.

If you feel your business would benefit from a digital signature and document management solution, click here to contact us for a demo or register here for a free 14 day trial!