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How Signulu eSignature Will Benefit Your Staffing Company

Finding the right job for the right candidates is the most important task for any staffing company

Finding the right job for the right candidates is the most important task for any staffing company. And, creating a smooth and efficient recruitment and onboarding process helps your business to depict a great first impression for clients and candidates, alike. Not to mention the time you will save that may be spent on further recruiting and client development efforts. Using an eSignature solution can help simplify these workflows and better enable the timely onboarding of new recruits with their new employers so they can begin earning.

Here are 5 ways eSignature can benefit a Staffing company:

#1 – Do Not Let Top Talent Slip Through Your Grip

You do not want to let the right talent slip away due to lengthy and annoying recruitment processes. With an eSignature platform like Signulu, you can expedite the entire document management process, from offer letters to contracts to financial forms, and get these documents signed by candidates up to 80% faster than using the old-fashioned paper-based routines. And, with a majority of job seekers being Millennials and Gen Z’ers, it is important for staffing companies to adjust their routines to better match the way this demographic is accustomed to an exclusively digital lifestyle. They do not expect to have to print, review, sign and scan large amounts of paperwork sent through the mail. They expect to do this from start to finish online from their phone or pc.

#2 – Helps in real time tracking of documents, anytime and anywhere

A staffing company sends out 1,500 contracts per month, on an average. That is a lot of documentation to manage and track. This does not even account for all the other necessary forms and agreements a candidate needs to review and authorize once they are offered a position. Managing these mountains of paperwork alone can be a very daunting task, consuming a lot of time that may be better spent on more vital revenue generating activities. Utilizing an eSignature document management platform like Signulu will help your business more easily track the status of all these vital transactions, in real-time and from anywhere.

#3 – Secure and Legally binding

Signulu employs world-class security within its integrated eSignature solutions. We offer secure email and document storage that you can count on. Hosted on AWS using 256-bit SSL encryption, Signulu offers full privacy and protection of all user data, recipients and senders, alike. Further, Signulu is compliant with all major eSignature laws including ESIGN, ITA-2000. Thus, you never have to worry about the validity of your eSigned documents. As an integrated eSignature platform, we have helped many staffing companies make the smooth transition to a legally binding, secure digital signature and document management solution.

#4 – Simplify document creation and transmission with archived templates

If you are like the rest of the recruiting community, many of your documents are used repeatedly and often, regardless of the candidate and position for which they are applying. With Signulu, you can create and store these oft-used forms as templates that may easily and readily be amended and sent in no time at all, allowing the recipient more time to review and eSign without duress.

#5 – Ensures compliance and accuracy

Switching to eSignature helps combat avoidable, but inevitable, mistakes inherent with the traditional paper-based processes. Forgot to include the hourly rate on the hard copy? Receive your returned packet in the mail or email but the candidate forgot to sign a required field? With Signulu, the recipient will be guided, field-by-field, where they have to sign so such omissions become virtually impossible. Further, the real-time tracking allows users to quickly verify the status of who has signed and who has not. No more having to make phone calls or send emails to assess these checkpoints. Thus, it minimizes errors and expedites the entire workflow when compared to the traditional paperwork process and helps staffing companies focus on what they do best – finding the right job for their candidates!

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