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Decoding The Essentials: What Should You Look for in an eSignature Solution?

As our world continues to embrace digital transformation, conducting transactions without paper has transitioned from being a novelty to becoming the standard practice. One tool that has significantly contributed to this transformation is electronic signature software. But what should you look for in an eSignature solution? How can you ensure you’re selecting the best platform to meet your needs? This article will shed light on the crucial features to consider while opting for an eSignature solution.

1. Multiple Signature options

Any eSignature product should provide users with different singing options depending on the category of document and regulatory requirements. This is an important aspect of the eSignature product as this has a bearing on the legal validity and regulatory compliance of the documents/contracts.

2. User Experience

The first aspect to consider is the user experience. Your chosen electronic signature software should be user-friendly and require minimal technical knowledge. The ability to sign documents anywhere, anytime, and from any device significantly enhances the user experience.

3. Integration Capability

Seamless integration with your existing software and platforms is vital. The chosen eSignature solution should eliminate the need to switch between different platforms, thereby leading to an efficient workflow.

4. Scalability

As your business expands, so should your eSignature solution. A scalable electronic signature software can support an increasing number of users and documents without any performance compromise.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Your eSignature solution should offer a good return on investment. Instead of opting for the cheapest solution, select one that provides robust features at a reasonable price.

6. Security

It should use advanced security measures, like encryption, to protect your data. A comprehensive audit trail for compliance and legal purposes is also essential.

7. Fraud Prevention 

eSignature products should provide some basic to advanced fraud prevention features to ensure the documents or contracts signed by the signatories are legitimate and stand the test of judicial scrutiny.

Signulu: Your Ultimate eSignature Solution

When it comes to choosing a solution that encapsulates all these features, Signulu stands out. With its user-friendly interface, Signulu prioritizes the user experience and supports signing from anywhere, on any device. It smoothly integrates with popular business tools, fostering an efficient workflow.

Signulu is designed to grow your business. Its scalable architecture effortlessly accommodates an increasing number of users and documents. Furthermore, it offers flexible pricing plans that provide value for money.

But what sets Signulu apart is its commitment to security. It offers secure, encrypted, and legally compliant electronic signatures. Each signature carries an exhaustive audit trail, ensuring maximum security and transparency.


Choosing the right electronic signature software requires consideration of user experience, integration capability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and, most importantly, legality and security. Signulu embodies all these features, making it an excellent choice for your eSignature solution. The right eSignature solution not only replaces physical signatures but also enhances overall business efficiency, improves workflows, and ensures a secure and seamless experience for all users.

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Validate & Authenticate Procurement with Signulu, The eSignature Expert!

The procurement team at a leading corporate hospital was on tender hooks as it was month end. At the beginning of every month, the requirement of the various departments must be noted down, approved & signed by the respective heads of the department. The material needs to be procured accordingly supplied on need based.  

There was always a confusion due to last minute additions and deletions. In-spite of their best efforts there was always shortcomings in their work, and to the management it looked like inefficiency of the procurement team.  

Signulu – an expert cloud-based eSignature platform which is safe, secured, easy to use and hassle free comes very handy and reduces the confusion. The procurement team can clearly track demand orders that are validated and authenticated by the respective heads of the departments. Last minute change would be considered as a new order leading clear order management and reduce effort for procurement.  

Different heads would have a clear view of the orders placed, the turn-around time of procurement team as well.  Signulu provides complete access to who gets to view, edit & sign the document, receives alerts & reminders, and can be retrieved at anytime, anyplace and on any device. 


Digital Transformation of Patient Health Records with Signulu. Authenticate, Validate, Store and Retrieve on Demand.

Ranga was on a vacation with his family. Everything was going fine but one day when they were on the beach something stung him on his feet, and he lost his consciousness. 

He was immediately rushed to hospital. The doctors attending on him asked his wife some questions with regards to his health condition and any medication he was allergic to. 

His wife was in shock and she completely blanked out. She knew that he was a diabetic patient and the medications he was taking but was not aware of his latest reports.  

Imagine if there was a document with the updated reports and authenticated by Ranga and his doctor accessible from any place any time. 

Signulu is the perfect solution for such situations. It’s a cloud-based eSignature which is safe, secure and easy to use. It a boon for the health provider as the reports are updated and eSigned by the patient himself. It saves a lot of time, energy and money of the staff and also that of the patient. 


Access Document from Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device with Signulu, a Cloud-Storage eSignature Platform.

Asha was experiencing on and off pain in her abdomen for some time now. She kept ignoring it as she had to manage her home and kids as her husband had a travelling job. One day she just couldn’t bear the pain and rushed herself to the emergency.  

After the initial tests the doctor confirmed that it was a serious case and that she needs to undergo a surgery immediately. Her husband’s consent was required for the surgery. 

Asha was in a dilemma as her husband was in a different country. Even if he wanted to make it, it will take him 2 days to reach and her surgery cannot wait. 

In situations like these SIGNULU is a blessingSIGNULU, The eSignature Expert – is a cloud based eSignature platform that is safe, secure and easy to use. It is designed for utmost convenience of the user. 

Asha’s husband accessed the consent form and signed on the go using his mobile device without wasting any further time. Signulu reduces the time and space gap – you can access the cloud-based eSignature application from any location, any device, anytime.